In-Season Tournament 101: Rules, format and how it works


In-Season Tournament 101: Rules, format and how it works


In-Season Competition 101: Rules, configuration, and how it Works


I. Rundown

The debut In-Season Competition will warn on Friday, Nov. 3, and finish with the Title on Saturday, Dec. 9. The Elimination rounds (Thursday, Dec. 7) and Title will happen at T-Versatile Field in Las Vegas.

The In-Season Competition will comprise of two phases: Gathering Play and the Knockout Rounds.

  > A. Bunch Play

Every one of the 30 groups has been inside their gathering in light of won-misfortune records from the 2022-23 standard season. Starting Nov. 3 and going on through Tuesday, Nov. 28, each group will play four assigned Gathering Mess around on "Competition Evenings" - one game against every adversary in its gathering, with two games at home and two out and about.


  > B. Knockout Rounds

Eight groups will progress to the Knockout Adjusts: the group with the best remaining in Gathering Mess around in every one of the six gatherings and two "trump cards" (the group from every meeting with the best record in Gathering Mess around that completed second in its gathering). The Knockout Rounds will be single-end games in the Quarterfinals (played in NBA group markets on Monday, Dec. 4, and Tuesday, Dec. 5), Elimination rounds, and Title. The passing groups will seek an award pool and the new In-Season Competition prize, the NBA Cup.


Each of the 67 games across the two phases of the In-Season Competition will combine with the normal season standings aside from the Title. Each group will keep on playing 82 standard season games in the 2023-24 season, including those games that are essential for Gathering Play and the Knockout Rounds.

Fourteen Gathering Mess around (two games on every Competition Night) and each of the seven Knockout Round games will be broadcast broadly. The game and broadcast plan for the In-Season Competition will be reported in August.



II. Competition Detail

 > A. Bunch Play Draw

To decide each group's rivals in the Gathering Mess around, the 15 groups in every meeting were separated into three gatherings of five groups by means of a rando

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